4 Perfectly Beachy Gifts for your S.O. this Valentine's Day

Everyone goes for the stereotypical chocolates and card for Valentine’ Day; do you want to display your love for your significant other with something more? Showing your love for someone doesn’t have to be exclusive to Valentine’s Day but we thought we’d create a perfect gift guide for anyone who’d like to go above and beyond. Valentine’s Day is also a great day to express self-love, so if you’re single or in a relationship, here are some Coastal Charm gift ideas for the perfect February 14th!

  1. Coastal Charm Beach Body Short Sleeve Shirt! [$30.00]

Spring starts on March 20 so why not prepare in advance? This design is perfect in pink or blue and is sure to get anyone looking forward to warm weather and new memories with friends! It’s also a perfect all around item that they can enjoy at any time of year!

  1. Coastal Charm Tumbler! [$22.00]

Whether you’re in school or working, coffee is always a necessity! This tumbler is cute and a wise investment; brewing coffee at home or work saves money down the road, so why not purchase a product that is both cute and considerate of your loved ones’ wallet?

  1. Coastal Charm The World is Your Oyster Crew Sweatshirt! [$40.00]

While we’re all looking forward to the spring and summer weather, it’s still winter for a couple more weeks! Spoil your loved one with a sweatshirt that reminds them of their potential and worth! They are your world, and the world is their oyster, so don’t clam up this Valentine’s Day and give them a gift they’d appreciate.

  1. Your Undivided Attention. [FREE.99!]
While everyday is an opportunity to show your loved one you care, set aside this day to celebrate them and remind them what you love about them and your gratitude for their companionship. Love in all forms, including self-love, should be indulged in this Valentine’s Day. We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and encourage you to treat your boo, and even if you’re single, treat yourself!

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Taylor Myrick, January 31st, 2017, 0 Comments

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