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Everyone loves the South and Virginia is just as Southern as they come. We have a love of sweet tea that our friends in Washington D.C. just don't understand, and there's nothing like spending a sunny day on a wrap-around front porch. And there are so many preppy clothing companies out there that want to tell you how much they love the South more than anyone else! But do you know what we love even more than the South? The Beach!

If you've never laid out on the sand and felt the sun warm your skin and heard the sound of ocean waves crash in your ears, then you're missing out on the sweetest and most calming sensation in the world. The smell of the salt air, the sound of seagulls calling, and the taste of the ocean all let us know we're truly home. It's paradise, and it's time everyone knew about it!

We here at Coastal Charm have a thorough understanding of how the ocean works because we've lived here our whole lives, and we want to share all these good vibes with everyone, whether you have access to a beach or not. But that's only half of it. Of course we want to spread love for the beach, but we also want to spread awareness. Every year more and more of our beloved beach is ruined, either by erosion or pollution or government law. Beautiful Hatteras Island on the Outer Banks of North Carolina has nearly been washed away by wild hurricanes, public beach access in California is restricted by the government's proclaiming of private beaches, and even beaches in our hometown of Virginia Beach are occasionally closed due to high levels of dangerous bacteria. And it doesn't just affect humans and our ability to enjoy nature, it affects all the animals that live in and around the water, too!

It's all this that makes us want to act, and we can with your help. We say it all the time and paste it everywhere, but we don't mind saying it again! We're committed to donating 10% of our net profits to coastal conservation charities that will do all they can to help reverse what's happening to our home.

So here's what we're providing for you: cute and casual beach-inspired designs printed on quality Comfort Colors products right here in Virginia Beach in our family owned screen-printing shop, while also doing our part to help save the planet we live on. We just have one question for you. Will you help us Save Our Beaches?

Taylor Myrick, March 22nd, 2017, 4 Comments

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