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Don't you hate it when you really really like a company or brand but you don't really know who's behind it all and won't open up about themselves? Well, we don't want to be that kind of brand! Of course, it's easy because Coastal Charm is so tiny. So let's introduce ourselves!

Let's start with Taylor, who is basically the woman behind the show. Anything you see on Instagram, Facebook, in your email inboxes, and the orders you receive are all directly touched by Taylor. That's right, she prints the invoices, pulls the orders from the shelves, arranges everything in a cute way (which is then sure to be messed up and disorganized while in transit) and slaps on the shipping labels. She also serves as our primary photographer and graphic designer, for which she is currently going to school full-time. She's also one of our blog authors! (It was tough writing about herself in a collective third person!) Taylor is pretty busy for being 25, but she still finds time to spend with family and to eat reckless amounts of sushi and Halo Top ice cream with her boyfriend.

Brian is Taylor's uncle, and serves as the liaison between Coastal Charm and our product vendors and our super awesome charities that we donate to. He also runs his own t-shirt screenprinting business, which is how Coastal Charm keeps all parts of the design, printing and shipping process in the family! Because he's got his own thing going, he leaves the day-to-day functioning of Coastal Charm to Taylor, but he's always just down the hall if anything comes up. Brian has a five-year-old running around, too, who always loves to draw pictures of t-shirts and tape them up on the walls of Taylor's office.

John is Brian's business partner and an avid runner. Without John, Taylor would be absolutely lost because he keeps track of the books and the numbers regarding how much is spent and made within our production (Taylor is absolutely horrid with finances and math.) Not only does he do a stellar job with QuickBooks, John also manages the back end of his and Brian's screenprinting business. He makes sure all the designs are printed correctly on each shirt and that nothing is missing from our large batch orders.

While our models and brand reps may not be direct employees, they are literally the face of Coastal Charm, and we want to introduce them and thank them for all they do to promote our little company! Most of the models used in our photos are all close friends of Taylor's, who graciously sacrificed multiple weekends for impromptu photo shoots in all forms of weather, from the blistering heat of summer to the wintry beach winds. Our brand reps are just as much part of the family, as they spread the word to people we couldn't have reached otherwise. Thanks to all of you, we couldn't do it without you!

Taylor Myrick, January 16th, 2017, 2 Comments

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